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Welcome to the John Bartolo Show. When it comes to the defense community of the United States, we’re led by the most passionate, most caring, and most intelligent thought leaders that our world has ever seen. Protecting billions of people not just domestically, but also internationally as well is certainly a tall task. And here on the John Bartolo Show, we’re looking to create an ongoing conversation around these ideas.

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Our show regularly streams on multiple platforms and it incorporates guests from nearly all areas of the defense community, both at home and abroad. With topics that cover proper networking and cyber security, to others that address military technology and home protection, our podcast is specifically designed to take what we’ve learned from the men and women of the defense community and bring their work to the people of our nation.

Our main goal is to give back to the greatest community in the nation who remain dedicated each and every day to defend our country and save lives. For us, we’re passionate about giving back to those who support the growth and awareness of the defense community, and we look to further the conversation and bring it to the mainstream.

Cross-Platform Podcast
In a world becoming increasingly focused on omni-channel support, the John Bartolo Show is here to ensure that our bases are always covered. We want our conversations to be easily accessible and wide spread, so that those who are outside of the defense community can feel welcome, free to participate, and lend their own insights into the conversations that we discuss frequently on the show.

Remember, we need your help to continue these conversations and bring them to a larger audience!

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We’d like to thank our sponsors here for sticking with us as we continue to bring important issues to the forefront of our community. Our sponsors have helped to build our podcast from the ground up, and we couldn’t me more thankful for their support in helping us launch this endeavor and get it off the ground.


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